Radiology Invoicing


Easy to use invoicing with intuitive entry.Eminance, the flagship medical management program by Health Focus has been leading the way by first researching what practices need, and then working with administrators and role players to ensure that their needs are met.


The Choice of Experience
That’s why Health Focus has led the way since 1988. It was the first company to provide integrated email into it’s programs, to offer ICD10 coding, to use SMS technology for patient management and to offer EDI, just to name a few.
Leading the Way
It’s invoicing and methodology once again leads, taking a workflow approach to ensure proper and easy operator, doctor and administrative workflow.
The Worksheet
Invoicing is quick and easy and is controlled by the worksheet, where you can view at a glance the status of the patient and the workflow. Using the Healthbridge facility, patient medical aid details can be verified on-the-fly, and the auto-match of tariff contrast codes ensure accuracy for claims.
Using the Macro facility, you can set-up tariff codes for specific procedures, and on a click of a button call the macro for seamless entry. You can also override the macro at any time and enter or select specific codes at any time. Macros just require a single click, are easy to use, minimise entry errors and ensure correct billing.
All-in-all, it’s a quick and seamless process, with the account status updated immediately, routing invoices to the applicable workflow area. There are no batches to update, no repeat patient information to enter and the details are available in real-time to all key personnel.