Health Focus Free Downloads To download a file, right click on the link you wish to select in blue below, select the menu option "Save Target As", when the save dialog window appears, click on the Save button. Once downloaded, double click on the file you saved. All new installations require a CD installation.

Eminance Version Updates. Eminance offers an auto-update facility. Check if your system requires an update by clicking on the help menu off the main screen of Eminance. If you are unable to update your program, please contact us.

Optical Assistant Price List For the Optical Assistant Price File please contact SB Media on 011-640-2220 or Health Focus does not undertake to maintain or supply these codes and takes no responsibility whatsoever regarding the accuracy of these codes or prices, which remain the responsibility of the practice.

SAOA Codes The codes used by the SA Optometry Association (SAOA) may only be used by practices who are authorised to do so by the SAOA. At this time we do not have authority to distribute the SAOA codes.  SAOA members may contact SAOA direct in order to obtain their codes. If we obtain authorisation from the SAOA to distribute their codes to their members on their behalf then we will update this page with the procedure one will need to follow.