The User exists as an Interbase User but not as a User on this Database.

This error usually comes up when logging into the e-Server, and is caused by the user not using upper case when entering the password. Password and user names are case-sensitive. The default Username is ADMIN and the default password is HEALTH Always ensure that the Caps Lock light on your keyboard is .

To start the program, activate the e-Server and from the window that appears, select the practice with which you want to work.

After double clicking on your practices name, enter your user name and password. Remember that both are case-sensitive.

To double check you are entering in upper case, make sure your caps lock light on your keyboard is on.

First enter your user name followed by your password.

As you enter your password make sure it is being entered correctly as only asterisks will appear. After successfully entering your user name and password, your e-Server will now be logged in and active. The window will then reduce in size and appear on the bottom right hand side of your screen and remain there for as long as it is active and you are working on Eminance. At this point, you can log into the Eminance client.