SMS & Text Messaging

SMS and text messaging reduces your telephone and cell call costs radically, while at the same time getting the message across quickly.  Whether its shifting appointments, reminding patients of recalls or overdue accounts, our methodology takes just a few seconds to reach your patient in a cost effective manner.
We integrate cell technology in a number of ways, you can even access your diary via your cell phone by using E=mc, our Eminance for mobile computing. But one of the best uses is the integration of SMS text messaging with your patient database. It's so easy!
All our programs allow you to communicate with your patients in a cost effective manner using SMS technology. In Eminance, you can inform your patients you are running late, send reminder messages, send overdue account warnings, and even activate recalls.
Now we are really talking. Reduce your telephone and cell call costs radically with a fully integrated system that sends your SMS message immediately. It's destined to reduce your call costs, while increasing the patient response time. And it's so quick, easy and simple to use! Now with mail merging. 

Activating your program for SMS technology couldn’t be easier. And it’s less than 50% of the standard SMS. You will very quickly be surprised how your telephone bill is reduced! All you need to do is click here to start the process. We will then contact you with your user name and password, which allows you to start sending SMS messages immediately. Of course, you will need an Internet connection.

All our programs have the facility to SMS a patient without leaving the program, and in Eminance, with a single button click. Imagine being able to send a mail merged, individualized SMS to all your patients in your diary, after a specific time, to say you are running late! Or being able to remind your patients about a recall, or even send a bulk message to all patients with a balance over 60 days. Now you can, and it's significantly cheaper than a standard rate SMS. Facilities are program dependant.

SMS functionality is built into our program. It's not an extra program, but as simple and straightforward as printing a report. And there are many uses, including;

  • Merge the patient details into the message
  • Identify patients by diagnosis and date seen, and send messages.
  • Send a reminder message to patients due for a recall
  • SMS overdue account messages
  • Select and send birthday messages
  • The powerful SQL manager allows you to select any patient criteria
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Notify individual patients
  • Alternative English & Afrikaans messages
  • No extra hardware, simply a program update
  • Reduce telephone costs
  • Sends the messages immediately
  • Messages sent at low cost per message, typically 50% of the standard rate.
  • Record each message activity in patient notes
  • Option to select specific rate or all rates.

There is no doubting the success of SMS. Much of it is accredited to the simplicity, cost effectiveness and the reaction practices receive from the service. Our SMS service integrates directly with our programs, allowing you to select groups of patients based on your rules. This ensures a number of benefits, including;

  • Reducing telecommunication costs
  • Improving communications
  • Integration with patient data
  • Improve productivity
  • Easy management & controls
  • Improved patient response

The uses are limited to the imagination. Standard features include;

  • Relationship marketing by selecting patient birthdays
  • Multiple language use
  • Automated recalls and patient reminders
  • Free format messages
  • Broadcast messages
  • Debt collection

Once you use Health Focus SMS you will wonder how you ever did without it. To activate your practice for SMS messaging, click here.