Radiology Encounters


Eminance for RadiologyThe encounter is where the patients details and details of their injury are loaded all from one screen and linked within the branch and ward. From here all the relevant information regarding the patient and their injury, including the referring doctor, the radiologist and the radiographer are available. It ensures strong management control and workflow by streamlining the process of getting the report from the radiologist back to the referring doctor.


As most Medical aids require pre-authorisation we have added the ability to have the relevant details entered into the system from the start; so that when submitting a claim to a medical aid there is no confusion with regard to the authorisation numbers, eliminating late payment and settlement conflicts.
Reduce Paperwork
Similarly, the encounter work-flow allows for the processing of WCA claims so that all relevant information is retained in the system. This reduces the amount of paperwork for both the practice and employee; minimizing the non-payment risk by virtue of full compliance.
One Screen
The encounter facility is the core of the system, allowing you to capture all information and process the encounter all at one place. It’s intuitive capturing system, and immediate user-feedback technology makes for smooth easy operation, minimising bad data entry and improving efficiency. For a demonstration of how Eminance for Radiology can improve your practice management and administration, systematically improving your profit potential, contact us.