Medprax tariff files 2019

Medprax Tariff files 2019:

Medprax is currently preparing their 2019 Tariff rate files. Their data offering on the Tariff files is as follows:

  • Allied Practitioners
  • GP Network Tariffs
  • Specialists file including Payment Arrangement Tariffs which is unique to each medical aid. This includes additional data features such as In Hospital, Out of Hospital and Day Clinic rates, also Contracted scope rates, CPT4 and COID rates.
  • Optometry files are now also available through Medprax.

Medprax fees for 2019 Tariff files are:

  • Annual Subscription for GP - R950
  • Annual Subscription for Specialists - R1250
  • Annual Subscription for Allied Practitioners - R550

To receive your 2019 Tariff file kindly contact Medprax on: or 0319049200