How do I perform an Eminance Update

The quickest and easiest way to do an update is to click on the Update option from the help menu.  This option will update your system.  

However, you can also perform a manual update. On the cd copy the content of the update folder and paste it in the update folder located in c:\program files\health focus\eminance server\update. Then the following four files found on the cd in the update folder gets extracted to c:\windows\system32. The files are;


Then the following nine files also found on the cd in the update folder gets extracted to c:\progrm files\health focus\eminance

  • DE0200703
  • EC020703
  • H2K020703
  • H2KDEF
  • HD020703
  • HM020703
  • HR020703
  • ME020703
  • OP020703

Then extract the file ES020703 to c:\program files\health focus\eminance server. When extracting always replace any files that it prompts to replace. You will then need to copy the contents of the scripts folder found on the CD and paste them in the scripts folder located in. c:\program files\health focus\eminance server\ scripts.
 After all the files have been extracted and copied into the correct directories, you may then log in to Eminance starting with the e_Server. On the e_Server you will be prompted to run the new scripts, and must choose "Yes". When you have completed this, then the update will be complete. Always make a backup before you do start the update. Also validation plus backup & restore before you start the update.

Using the Eminance CD, click on "explore the CD"

Double click on the "update" folder

The first four highlighted files need to be extracted to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32. They are FINGERPRINT.ZIP,, and wPDF300A.pdf

Now move the file ES020708.ZIP to the Eminance server folder, normally C:\Program Files\Health Focus\Eminance Server

Copy the update files, normally all files starting with DE,EC,H,ME and OP to the Eminance folder normally found at C:\Program Files\Eminance

After all the files have been extracted, you need to copy the update files to the update server folder normally found at C:\Program Files\Health Focus\Eminance Server\Update. Highlight the files.

Now copy these files to the update server by locating the folder C:\Program Files\Health Focus\Eminance Server\Update, right cicking and selecting the menu item "Paste" When the files have been copied across to your PC you can close the window and return to the CD.

On the CD, in the update folder and after the files have been extracted, click on the back arrow to move one window up.

Before the update is complete, you need to copy the contents of the script folder on the CD to the scripts folder located in C:\Program Files\Health Focus\Eminance Server\Script. Remember to double click on the "Scripts" folder so that it is open.

In the Scripts folder, highlight all the files, then right click on all of the selected files and click on "copy" from the sub-menu.

Browse to c:\Program Files\Health Focus\Eminance Server\scripts and then on a blank area of the window, right click and select "paste" from the sub-menu. If your PC prompts you whether you want to overwrite the files, answer "Yes" When you have finished, log into the e-Server.

Logging into e-Server

When Eminance starts, it will report that new scripts have been found. When you receive this message, make sure that all other users have logged out and click on "Yes". 

After a few minutes, Eminance will show a message indicating the update is complete. Click on "Ok" to acknowledge the update.

After the scripts have run and the database has been updated, the system may identify multiple databases on your computer. If the system has detected multiple databases, and you are asked whether you want to update them, respond "No".

After your e-Server is logged in, you can then log-in to your Eminance Client. If you click on Help > About you will be able to identify the version of Eminance currently running.

If all the version numbers match in the About screen, it indicates that your database is in sync and that the manual update has been completed successfully. Other network users can now log in.