How do I do a tariff update?

The Tariff update is usually done once per year, or when new tariff prices has been released. We have written an easy to use tariff assistant that will assist you to download these new tariff codes and prices into your Eminance. All you need to do is ensure that you have received the latest and relevant tariff price list in a CSV format from the medical aid, and have it stored in a discoverable location on your computer. You can receive the Tariff Assistant application by calling into the Health Focus call center on 0861 110011 and requesting it.

This application can be stored on your desktop of your computer. If you have all the files saved on your computer and have received the Tariff Assistant, you may then proceed to update your tariffs.

Start off by clicking on the find dialog icon.

Now browse for the latest tariff file

Make sure you find the applicable tariff code file.

Now select your database alias.

Complete items 1-6 and then make sure you check the "insert tariffs" checkbox

Click on "Update Tariffs"

You will see a dialog box advising you the update is complete when the update is done. Now you can continue processing with the new tariffs. The old tariff codes that are posted against patient accounts will not be affected, only new tariffs posted since this update.