It's absolutely amazing
You have to see it to believe it.  You print out your normal reporting template, patient card or custom designed encounter form (using nothing fancy - your existing laser printer will do) and using our special pen, fill in the paper form as you normally do.  Even patient cards with diagrams and sketches are fine.
When you are finished, place the pen in its holder and within seconds the form is attached to the patient encounter record and patient file in PDF format.
When you access the patient record again, the reports are immediately available and can be treated as a normal PDF.

Our e-pen saves you time and money.  You don't need to even touch your PC, everything is automatic.  No scanner required and no fiddling with your computer.  Write on paper with our pen, put the pen back in its stand, and the patient record is updated.
And as the information is normally confidential, this process is all done in a secure and safe manner.

new generation of medical and optometry software

A typical application is to have your receptionist print out the form you normally use for an encounter, whether you be a GP, anaesthetist, optometrist or surgeon.  Write what you need to write using our digital pen, and within a minute, the form is converted to PDF and linked to the patient electronic file.  Even if you are way from the rooms.

How does it work?

  • The Digital pen sends its data to a cell phone, or a PC, and then the data is securely sent via the cell phone, or PC, to the server in the Internet Cloud.
  • The server processes this data and converts it to a high quality PDF which is an exact replica of the handwritten form - as if it had been scanned in by an expensive scanner.
  • The PDF is then delivered to as many destinations as required. This delivery can be done via E-Mail, FTP or any number of other file transfer mechanisms.
  • The conversion process is done in less than a minute.

The Benefits

  • No fiddling with PCs, giving your patient your attention.
  • Eliminates deciphering of handwriting
  • Digitally signed copies of original forms linked to patients medical record
  • Forms are now received within minutes of completion instead of days.
  • Results in financial savings..
  • The ability to follow up quickly will help to limit transactional errors
  • Electronic storage of the forms makes them easier to send and distribute when needed
  • Less paper is used in the entire cycle.
  • Physical forms will no longer need to be transported back to the practice, resulting in a
  • lower overall carbon footprint.
  • The digital pen is lightweight and robust, doesn’t change user behaviour, and requires minimal training