Dropbox and your backups

The potential pitfall of using Dropbox for your data backup

We have recently had two customers who have lost all their backups that they had stored in Dropbox.  This was no fault of Dropbox.  The loss was caused by the customers moving from one ISP to another and having their email address changed.  The email address they used to open their Dropbox account was no longer valid, leaving them unable to enter their Dropbox account to retrieve their backup when they desperately needed it.  Please bear this in mind if you use Dropbox and have changed your email address during the time you have used Dropbox and/or if you are planning on changing your email address.

Another good reason to say yes to the Eminance Cloud Backup option that shows during your month end procedure.  We verify your backup data is valid.  We ensure it can be restored when needed.  We keep it for 6 months.  All this for R150 plus Vat.

For more information visit Eminance Cloud Backup