Error Message: PDF DLL File does not exist.

This error usually appears when sending out emails from eminance. When receiving this error, It means that the system32 DLL files, especially WPDF300a.dll has not been extracted. These files are located on the Eminance cd in the update folder. Amongst all the files in the update folder the four system32 files that need to be extracted are the,,, and the These four files need to be copied from the Eminance CD to the Windows\System32 folder. Follow the images provided to complete the task of extracting the four system32 dll files

The error is generated indicating the WPDF300a.dll was not installed into the \Windows\System32 folder

Using the Eminance CD, click on "explore the CD"

When exploring the CD, double click on the "Update" folder shown here circled in red.

The four highlighted files are the files that need to be copied into the \Windows\System32 folder.

Now extract each file by right clicking on the selected file and then click on "extract all..."

Then proceeed by clicking on "next"

Now browse to the system32 directory (C:\Windows\system32)

Then select system32 and click on "Ok"

The directory path will then be inserted in the edit dialog. Now click on "Next"

If the operating system asks you to overwrite the files or replace the files, always choose "Yes to All"

Then untick the option "Show extracted files", and click on finish.

You have just finished the first file. Repeat this procedure to extract the other three files to the \Windows\ystem32 folder.

This should be the start of your progress to start extracting the next file.

Continue the process until the last file is extracted.

After all four files have been extracted, resume Eminance and proceed to send your emails.