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Jo'burg Eminance Workshop

Sarah Khan, Eminance Guru, is hosting Eminance Workshops in Melrose, Johannesburg on Tuesday 2 July 2024 (Medical) and Wednesday 3 July 2024 (Optometry).

  • Know and understand all the latest features in Eminance;
  • Learn how to improve your practice management;
  • Increase your practice's profit potential.

Cost per delegate: R1395 which includes lunch and refreshments
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KZN Eminance Practice Management Workshop

KZN Eminance Practice Management Workshop


It is very important for us at Health Focus to make sure that your practice runs at its full potential. This, along with other important factors, means that your staff need to be equipped with adequate knowledge regarding your Eminance practice management software. To achieve this, Sarah Khan, our Eminance Guru will be hosting Practice Management Workshops in Umhlanga soon.


Wednesday – 22 May 2024 9am to 2.30pm

(includes refreshments and lunch)

Enhancing Your Practice Efficiency with the Eminance Online Diary: A Game Changer

In today's fast-paced world, convenience is key, especially when it comes to managing your practice. Traditional methods of scheduling appointments via phone calls or emails can be cumbersome for both patients and practice staff. However, with the advent of the Eminance online web-based diary integrated directly into Eminance, our practices are experiencing a significant boost in efficiency and patient satisfaction.

The Crucial Role of Efficient Credit Control and Positive Cash Flow in the success of your Practice

In the dynamic world of practice management, where uncertainties abound, and financial stability is paramount, efficient credit control and positive cash flow stand as pillars of strength for any organisation. While often overlooked, these aspects play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning and long-term viability of your practice.

Finance solutions to support your practice

Your medical practice thrives by balancing healthcare and the health of your business.

As the year-end approaches you might need a funding solution to help end the year off strong or to help maintain a healthy cash flow.  That is why Team Health Focus is excited to announce our collaboration with Merchant Capital, a leading alternative working capital provider.